Gedicht: Safety

Safety is the house around
You to keep dangers out.
All is controllable inside,
The evil is on outer side.

You can feel secure and safe
Within this well constructed grave.
Nothing will harm you there or hurt,
Of no bad thing inside is heard.

Everything you can control.
It appears you reached your goal.
Nothing will disturb you or surprise.
You sleep calm – and that is nice.

Inside your safety it is secure and safe.
It’s filled with life like one big grave.
Inside it is everything but loud.
It is so silent, and you won’t get out.

Alexander Florin: Alexander Florinein Kind der 70er • studierter Anglist/Amerikanist und Mediävist (M.A.) • wohnhaft in Berlin • Betreiber dieses Blogs • mehr über Alexanders Schaffen: ||  bei Facebook || auf Twitter folgen

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