Gedicht: The Flower, the Candle and the Death

When I found a flower
I brought it to you.
Soon faded ist power.
It took your soul.
Its beauty has gone
and your smile went, too.
Life´s ending´s no fun,
It made crying you.

But as easiliy the flower had died
death will blow out your light.
Your life is a candle
and death is the wind.
The flame will be ended
by just a small breathe.

So live your life
it´s over too soon.
Day´s followed by night,
don´t believe in the moon.
It´s just a small light
that soon will fade out.
You can´t feel delight,
but there is no doubt.

Just remember the candle,
your life is like this.
Your life will be ended
by just a small breathe.

Alexander Florin: Alexander Florinein Kind der 70er • studierter Anglist/Amerikanist und Mediävist (M.A.) • wohnhaft in Berlin • Betreiber dieses Blogs • mehr über Alexanders Schaffen: ||  bei Google+ || auf Twitter folgen

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