Gedicht: Skyish Pain

Sittin‘ at the back of the house
Smoke escapes my nose and mouth
Sittin‘ here seems endless now
Since you passed by.

Sittin‘ – what else to do
Shyness is my greatest foe
Sittin‘ just here and wonderin‘ how
Stop you passin‘ by.

So reduced‘s everything
Since all that counts is you
Since now and every other day
Sky wears the color of your eye.

Sittin‘ here, i can no longer wait
Simple to hope you stop passin‘ by
Since watchin‘ sky just causes pain
Since i cannot flee the sky.

Strangely the color crawls
Soul and heart gain peace no more
Seven heavens drop to hell
Silence where life was before.

Singin‘ was my friend all time
Screamin‘ is companion now
Screechin‘ with a voiceless cry
Surrounds all feelins now and thoughts.

Sound in mind i sorted out
Some has to stop the pain
Sky might be covered by one cloud
Such clouds do not remain.

Sittin‘ here now, know no pain
Stopped your passin‘ short ago
Sincerely, you‘ll never walk again
Sky you conquer nevermore.

Alexander Florin: Alexander Florinein Kind der 70er • studierter Anglist/Amerikanist und Mediävist (M.A.) • wohnhaft in Berlin • Betreiber dieses Blogs • mehr über Alexanders Schaffen: ||  bei Facebook || auf Twitter folgen

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