Gedicht: Soldier Boy

A comrade has killed a dozen men
he didn´t know them at all
and he got a medal for doing that
yesterday I saw an old friend of mine
he´s in prison now for killing his wife

I´m just a twenty year old man
but looking into my soul
All the things that I have seen
I count at least twenty years more

Fear to be killed each day or night
have to ignore that for life
I had to hang a curtain on eyes
frightened to be falling again

The houses damaged a heaven of grey
kids were playing with bombs
know nice little houses with a sky so blue
where´s the sense of that life

You said you know I have died
more than a thousend times ago
but you don´t know I´m still alive
and love my life the longer the more

Alexander Florin: Alexander Florinein Kind der 70er • studierter Anglist/Amerikanist und Mediävist (M.A.) • wohnhaft in Berlin • Betreiber dieses Blogs • mehr über Alexanders Schaffen: ||  bei Facebook || auf Twitter folgen

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